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Windshield repair from Clayton's Auto Glass is a time-tested way for you to extend the life of your windshield and costs much less than a windshield replacement. In fact, your insurance company recognizes the cost-saving benefits of repairing a windshield and may foot the bill for your windshield repair leaving you with no cost whatsoever.

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Why do I need windshield repair?

When your windshield cracks or chips, the layers of laminated glass in the windshield separate. This space allows air, water, and debris into the damaged area. Over time, small bumps in the road, changes in temperature, and additional impacts from debris can cause the damage to spread. Something as simple as washing your car may be enough to trigger an expansion of the damage. If left untreated, the damage will eventually ruin your windshield. It is very important that you have your windshield repaired before the damage gets too large and must be replaced.

The Windshield Repair Process

The first step in repairing a windshield is to clean out the damaged area. The space inside your crack or chip will accumulate water, dirt, and other debris that must be removed in order for the repair resin to bond to the remaining glass. With the damaged area clean, the repair resin is applied and pressed into the crack or chip. This pressure moves the resin into every bit of space within the damaged area ensuring the resin gets a good "grip" on the surrounding glass. The resin is allowed to cure and your repair is done. When complete, the repaired area is practically invisible.

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Not all Windshield Damage can be Repaired

The laminated glass layers that make up your windshield are designed to absorb a certain amount of impact pressure. However, impacts from large objects can often penetrate all the way through the laminated glass layers leaving a physical hole in your windshield. Damage this extensive cannot be repaired. Also, windshield cracks over 7 inches severely reduce the windshield's structural integrity in much the same way as severe chips or holes and therefore cannot be repaired. Due to safety concerns, windshield damage in the driver's line of sight cannot be repaired. Although windshield repair resin dries clear and is only slightly visible, it is seen as an obstruction to the driver's view of the road.

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